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 Gems in your brain - Carnelian & Lapis Lazuli, 2019 (code: 2605)
(Kit-Ling Tjon Pian Gi)
"Open House" in May at Readytex Art Gallery
 Window 3, 2018 (code: 6243)
(Kit-Ling Tjon Pian Gi)
"Special Gift Edition" at Readytex Art Gallery
 Gems in your brain - Peridot & Amethyst, 2018 (code: 2603)
(Kit-Ling Tjon Pian Gi)
Exhibition 25 Years Readytex Art Gallery
 Gems in your brain - Roze Quartz & Turquoise, 2018 (code: 2604)
(Kit-Ling Tjon Pian Gi)

 Hindoe Huwelijk Installatie, 2017 (code: 9801)
(Kit-Ling Tjon Pian Gi)
TNF 3 Augustus : Pe uní moksi kon na wan
 Caged 07,2016 (code: 0161)
(Kit-Ling Tjon Pian Gi)

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