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Readytex Art Gallery is moving
(7 Feb 2015 - 15 Feb 2015)

Dear friends and art lovers,


On February 7th, a longtime dream of the Readytex Art Gallery team came true. The gallery moved to a new, bigger and better location in which she will be able to share a much larger part of her art collection with the visiting public. At the Steenbakkerijstraat 30, in a beautifully renovated family building, formerly the home of Woirdie and Antonio Issa, Readytex Art Gallery now has four floors available to display the great artworks of her partner artists.


The move became official on the eve of the 22nd birthday of Readytex Art Gallery and on February 8th, the special day itself, the new gallery doors opened to the general public. After 22 artful years on the second floor of the Readytex department store, the time is indeed right for this big step. Because even though there were always beautiful and constantly changing selections of the extensive art collection of the gallery on display, many other works remained tucked away, out of the visitors’ sight, in various storage spaces. And although the entire collection can always be viewed virtually on the website readytexartgallery.com, it is important that actual visitors in the gallery have the opportunity to see the work ‘up close and personal’.


This milestone is important for Readytex Art Gallery in a personal as well a professional sense. While the old family house that is of great emotional value to all relatives, gets a new purpose within family circles, for the art gallery the move signifies a bold progression towards a new phase. More space literally and figuratively creates more space for growth, for experimenting and for new and innovative ways to exhibit. In addition to all of this, the second floor of the new building also includes a space where visitors can come together for artistic encounters or inspiring conversations, whilst enjoying a good cup of Surinamese Katwijk coffee and other local snacks and beverages.


But the move is also a rather courageous step. It is well known that the market for Surinamese art is faced with many challenges. It is these challenges that Readytex Art Gallery has been taking on for 22 years now. The large investment that the gallery has made with the renovation and the expansion of the historical building, once again reiterates her belief in and commitment to Surinamese art. In the new location the gallery will keep working on the development and the promotion of the artistic  productions of the Surinamese artists. At the same time, the gallery hopes that this bold leap will serve as a positive stimulus to local businesses and other potential art buyers as well. Investing in Surinamese art may be intimidating to some initially, but the result is always gratifying and art is extremely enriching to the ambiance within the home as well as the workplace. And because Readytex Art Gallery continuously invests in the development of ambitious artists of great integrity, inside and outside of Suriname, an art purchase at Readytex is always a sound investment.


For the occasion of the festive opening, the ground floor of the new gallery will house an exhibition of new art works from the partner artists of Readytex Art Gallery. So in addition to exploring the new premises, visitors can also enjoy beautiful new works by Reinier Asmoredjo, Razia Barsatie, Kenneth Flijders, Shaundell Horton, Sri Irodikromo, Rinaldo Klas, Kurt Nahar, Sunil Puljhun, Dhiradj Ramsamoedj, George Struikelblok, Kit-Ling Tjon Pian Gi, Roddney Tjon Poen Gie, René Tosari, Wilgo Vijfhoven and Hanka Wolterstorff. The other floors of the building will exhibit work from the current collection of Readytex Art Gallery.


The opening hours of Readytex Art Gallery are just as in the previous location, from Monday thru Friday from 8:00 am - 4:30 pm and on Saturdays from 8:30 am thru 1:30 pm. Additional hours for the opening exhibition are on Sunday, February 8th, and Friday the 13th thru Sunday the 15th, from  7:00 pm - 9:00 pm.

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Featured artist(s)

Dhiradj Ramsamoedj
In the past paintings by Dhiradj Ramsamoedj were mostly oils on canvas on which the paint was applied with a pallet knife. Now he paints mostly with a brush which results in a smooth, flat finish. The style has become less realistic and the people in his recent work have a completely different appearance. Humans still form the main theme in his work, but the faces of the characters now all have a similar, undefined shape in which the eyes, nose, mouth and other features are only hinted at subtly...
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George Struikelblok
George Struikelblok’s work is impressive and emotional.  He uses acryl mixed with oil paint in earthly colors and pastels mostly on canvases of at least one by one meter ...
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Hanka Wolterstorff
Hanka Wolterstorff has been creating and exhibiting very beautiful ceramics for 25 years....

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John Lie-A-Fo
The closeness of the tribes with nature that live in the rainforest is the fascination that John Lie A Fo expresses in his painting.
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Kenneth Flijders
Flijders has a recognizable expressiveness in silhouettes and contours, which sometimes results in a mysterious effect in his creations
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Kit-Ling Tjon Pian Gi

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Kurt Nahar
Kurt Nahar is one of the few Surinamese producing engaged art. His art is a mission, a task to raise consciousness.
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Reinier Asmoredjo
Reinier Asmoredjo paints in bright sunny colors and  a stylistic semi- figurative way  his fascination and faith with the daily struggle of life of marganalised women in oil on canvas.
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Rene Tosari
All the traces of the artists well known temperament are to be recognized but in the past ten years there’s a total new orientation in Rene Tosari’s work.
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Rinaldo Klas
My art is influenced by the things that I value most in my direct surroundings.
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Roddney Tjon Poen Gie
Roddney Tjon Pioen Gie is a sculptor as well as an artist of the flat surface. His own visual language is based on the letter signs of his ancestors from three continents.
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Shaundell Horton

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Soeki Irodikromo
“We are truly a melting pot of cultures!  We are a country where people accept each other for what they are, better still, we are a country where people share and represent each other’s cultural riches.  We are rich because ....
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Sri Irodikromo
The art in the latest collection by Sri Irodikromo is a fascinating blend of qualities bold and delicate, daring yet subtle and although the work seems grand and impulsive it shows beautiful workmanship and is intricately detailed...
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Sunil Puljhun
Sunil Puljhun uses charcoal, pencils and acrylic paint in primarily black and grey hues. Sand and collage materials are occasionally used to add depth and structure to the surface of his work.
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Wilgo Vijfhoven
The recent work of Wilgo Vijfhoven is inspired by the mysteriousness of woman....
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