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Animals inspire our next Thursday-Night-Feature
(4 Oct 2018 - 13 Oct 2018)

Animals inspire the Thursday-Night-Feature of October 4th, 2018

It is almost October, a month that marks several important moments. Most importantly to us here in Suriname, October is the month that marks the beginning of the new school year, but another important event this month is the celebration of World Animal Day on October 4th. And since this day coincides with the date of the October Thursday-Night-Feature (TNF) at Readytex Art Gallery, it is more than appropriate that we, just like we did last year, dedicate our October TNF to animals. We will once again present the public with a beautiful exhibition.

The gallery will be filled with artworks that in one way or another, either directly or indirectly, have something to do with animals. And because many of our Surinamese visual artists do take their inspiration from the tropical wealth of flora and fauna in our country, there is more than enough material from which to put together this special selection in honor of World Animal Day. This theme is also especially appropriate considering the fact that Readytex and Readytex Art Gallery have long been great supporters of the good work done by the ‘Stichting Dierenbescherming Suriname’ (DBS). Most notably, Readytex and DBS have a special collaboration running since 2013, in which they produce a unique line of limited edition DBS T-shirts, of which the proceeds contribute to the fundraising efforts of DBS. Whereas the designs of the T-shirts were initially thought up by the Readytex and DBS team members, the design part has been transferred into the capable hands of the visual artists associated with Readytex Art Gallery, since 2017. This collaboration has already produced T-shirts flaunting designs by the artists Rinaldo Klas, Sri Irodikromo, Dhiradj Ramsamoedj and Kit-Ling Tjon Pian Gi.  And now, for the occasion of World Animal Day 2018, we will launch a new DBS T-shirt with a special design by Reinier Asmoredjo. On the TNF, Dr. Leontien Bansse-Issa, one of the veterinarians and chairwoman of the foundation, will give a short presentation. Among other things she will talk about the issue of wild animals that are being kept as pets.

On the TNF of October 4th, guests will also have ample opportunity to enjoy all of the beautiful works of art that have been displayed throughout our gallery especially for this occasion and the rest of the month. The collection of works displayed on the ground floor of Readytex Art Gallery, was carefully selected in honor of World Animal Day by the creative team of the gallery. As usual all of the other spaces in the gallery show a mixed exhibition of artworks from all of the artists associated with Readytex Art Gallery.

For the TNF of Thursday October 4th, the doors of Readytex Art Gallery will be opened from 7:00 – 9:00 pm.

Everyone is welcome!

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Featured artist(s)

Dhiradj Ramsamoedj
Dhiradj Ramsamoedj is well known for his paintings as well as for his three-dimensional artworks. His series of Flexible man sculptures have made quite an impact. Coming from a family of several tailors, textile was a natural material for Dhiradj to experiment with.
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Hanka Wolterstorff
Hanka Wolterstorff is best known for her intricately molded ceramic sculptures made from several thin, delicate sheets of clay. She creates lovely, often small, sculptures that are almost always finished with shiny glazes in bold and beautiful color combinations.
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John Lie-A-Fo
John Lie A Fo creates modern and highly expressive works of art, in which he usually highlights the customs and rituals from various traditional cultures.
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Kenneth Flijders
Kenneth Flijders is a versatile artist who is best known for his colorful acrylic paintings of scenes from daily life and nature. He also works in other styles and techniques, and particularly loves to create artworks in various printing techniques.
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Leonnie van Eert
Leonnie van Eert is a ceramic artist who takes inspiration from the connection between the earthly and the spiritual, from authentic tribal forms and customs, and from shapes and elements of nature.
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Reinier Asmoredjo
Reinier Asmoredjo’s greatest source of inspiration is the cycle of life, with women playing a key role therein. Of special significance and strong symbolic meaning in most of his compositions are circles, often represented in the sun, fruit, or the female form.

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Rene Tosari
Paintings by René Tosari are often recognized for their unique texture, achieved by his combined use of acrylic and oil paints on his canvases. He is also well-known for his socially engaged graphical prints and paintings.
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Rinaldo Klas
Rinaldo Klas is especially well-known for his acrylic paintings in which he brings man and nature together in colorful and harmonious compositions.
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Roddney Tjon Poen Gie
Roddney Tjon Poen Gie is a versatile artist who transforms materials found in nature into unique artworks. His driftwood sculptures are decorated with acrylic paint in colorful abstract patterns.

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Soeki Irodikromo
“We are truly a melting pot of cultures!  We are a country where people accept each other for what they are, better still, we are a country where people share and represent each other’s cultural riches.  We are rich because ....
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Sri Irodikromo
Sri Irodikromo is especially well-known for incorporating various cultural symbols and patterns as well as multiple art techniques including stenciling, embroidery and batik, in her paintings.'
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Steven Towirjo
Steven Towirjo is a ceramic sculptor who creates fascinating organic shapes inspired mostly by cultural motives and forms represented in nature.
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Sunil Puljhun
Sunil Puljhun uses charcoal, pencils and acrylic paint in primarily black and grey hues. Sand and collage materials are occasionally used to add depth and structure to the surface of his work.
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