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TNF: Presentation by Roosje Verschoor
(7 Feb 2019 - 8 Feb 2019)

Roosje Verschoor’s project with Moengo youngsters

On Thursday the 7th of February, we welcome as our guest Dutch artist Roosje Verschoor who will give a presentation titled De geschiedenis op je schouders: een verhaal over teloorgang en veerkracht in Moengo [History on your shoulders: a story about demise and resilience in Moengo]. Her presentation will be centered around the photo workshop that she gave to youngsters in Moengo from November 2018 until January 2019.

As an artist Roosje Verschoor uses photography and video as her media. With her images, she tries to show the layers of traditions, stories, situations and locations. As such she is fascinated by the interesting history, the people and the contrasts of the city of Moengo. And as stated in her title of her presentation, by the story about demise and resilience in Moengo. This is not the first project that Roosje is involved with in the former bauxite town. In a previous photo project the old golf course was part of her theme. In her current project ‘Double Heritage’ she puts the camera in the hands of youngsters from the area. She teaches them basic photography skills and asks them to capture on film, things that are important to them, or things that are typical to Moengo. Things from either the past or present-day. Sometimes Roosje gives assignments and sometimes she allows them to choose their own subjects. She also takes the youngsters to the deserted staff village of the bauxite company Suralco, and gives them - in that place where they have never before been - the opportunity to take pictures of the things that stand out to them. The results of the project will be shown at a presentation in Moengo on February 9th, and a little later also in a photo book.

Please join us at the TNF presentation of Roosje Verschoor on Thursday February 7th, to learn what fascinates the artist about this small city, and to see the results of her project with the youngsters in Moengo. The presentation starts at 7:30 pm.

Everyone is welcome!

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