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Readytex Art Gallery at NK ‘09
(29 Oct 2009 - 7 Nov 2009)

Press release: Readytex Art Gallery at NK ‘09

The National Art Fair of 2009 is a fact. Many artists in Suriname once again participate is this national art event at which they are given the opportunity to present their work to a large general public. The Readytex Art Gallery is also well represented at the Fair. For the third consecutive year the gallery occupies four booths where this year, she represents: Rinaldo Klas, Kit-Ling Tjon Pian Gi, Ron Flu, Kenneth Flijders, Armand Masé, Hanka Wolterstorff, Reinier Asmoredjo, Roddney Tjon Poen Gie, Marcel Pinas and Henry (Soeka) Kartotaroeno.
The following artists affiliated with our gallery are also present, but in their own booths: Paul Chang, Sri Irodikromo, Soeki Irodikromo, John Lie A Fo, Kurt Nahar, Dhiradj Ramsamoedj, René Tosari, Sunil Puljhun, George Struikelblok, Humphrey Tawjoeram, Jhunry Udenhout and Wilgo Vijfhoven.
For the Readytex Art Gallery 2009 is a year brimming with activity. Large solo-exhibitions of Wilgo Vijfhoven, Rinaldo Klas and Kenneth Flijders in the gallery and of Kit-Ling Tjon Pian Gi in the new VAT-building, were important highlights. In addition to the solo’s there were also mini-features from several artists and there were four new art documentaries produced by the Readytex Art Gallery, which just like the previous editions will first be shown on TV in the Netherlands and subsequently also in Suriname. Artists participated in interesting exchange projects such as the Wakaman-project and gained valuable experiences as artists in residence at art institute’s such as Duende in Rotterdam and the Rijksacademie in Amsterdam (both in the Netherlands) and also at the Vermont Studio Center in the USA. Whether as artists in residence or as participants in exhibitions in numerous countries, our artists increasingly take part of the international art scene. In another important development, in September the first edition appeared of a new and independent web-magazine on Surinamese art, Sranan Art Xposed. Readytex Art Gallery was proud to support this wonderful initiative. This first edition is available for viewing at the Readytex booth at the Art Fair and those interested can subscribe for receipt (via e-mail) of this free web-magazine on art from Suriname.
At the NK ’09 Readytex Art Gallery also introduces two new reproduction projects.
The first concerns the beautiful and unique artwork of Ron Flu, one of the great Surinamese artists whom with his work, done in his unique and striking style, always manages to touch the public in a special way. The gallery presents a collection of memorable prints on fine quality art paper (21 x 25 cm) of for now, a selection of twelve works of art from the series of street scenes by Ron Flu. (Description of this project will follow separately.)
The second project is done in cooperation with NV Screenprint and concerns reproductions of artworks on tiles. This project is particularly interesting because it opens a new world of possibilities for art lovers. The reproductions can be printed on one tile or more and the tiles are available in three sizes. At the NK ‘09 we show a reproduction of art by Rinaldo Klas on 9 tiles.
For more information please contact Readytex Art Gallery. Phone number 421750

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Featured artist(s)

Armand Masé
Armand Masé makes mahogany sculptures of human figures, masks and small statues of lovable chubby ladies playing different instruments.
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Ay Xiang
Ay Xiang is specialized in flower painting with traditional Chinese techniques.
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Dhiradj Ramsamoedj
Dhiradj Ramsamoedj is well known for his paintings as well as for his three-dimensional artworks. His series of Flexible man sculptures have made quite an impact. Coming from a family of several tailors, textile was a natural material for Dhiradj to experiment with.
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George Struikelblok
George Struikelblok’s work is impressive and emotional.  He uses acryl mixed with oil paint in earthly colors and pastels mostly on canvases of at least one by one meter ...
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Hanka Wolterstorff
Hanka Wolterstorff is best known for her intricately molded ceramic sculptures made from several thin, delicate sheets of clay. She creates lovely, often small, sculptures that are almost always finished with shiny glazes in bold and beautiful color combinations.
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Henry, Soekarman Kartotaroeno(Soeka)
Henry Soekarman Kartotaroeno, better known as Soeka presents to the public an art form which not many contemporary artists in Suriname presently employ.
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Humphrey Tawjoeram
Humphrey Tawjoeram offers very little explanation about his work. He only comments that he expresses his emotions best when he makes abstracts, and that a kind of tension is important in his work.
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Jhunry Udenhout
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John Lie-A-Fo
John Lie A Fo creates modern and highly expressive works of art, in which he usually highlights the customs and rituals from various traditional cultures.
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Kenneth Flijders
Kenneth Flijders is a versatile artist who is best known for his colorful acrylic paintings of scenes from daily life and nature. He also works in other styles and techniques, and particularly loves to create artworks in various printing techniques.
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Kit-Ling Tjon Pian Gi
Kit-Ling Tjon Pian Gi has dealt with different subjects throughout her career, but nature - in its spiritual or physical form - and women, are recurring themes in her artworks.
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Kurt Nahar
In his bold and often confrontational art, Kurt Nahar addresses controversial social and political issues, locally and globally. Simple objects, collage techniques and a creative use of words, are characteristic to his art.
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Marcel Pinas
Marcel Pinas: Maroon roots and culture oil paintings

Marcel Pinas’ last works reflect the ideograms of the painted woodcarving of the Aucaners (Maroon) tribe, of which he is a member.

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Reinier Asmoredjo
Reinier Asmoredjo’s greatest source of inspiration is the cycle of life, with women playing a key role therein. Of special significance and strong symbolic meaning in most of his compositions are circles, often represented in the sun, fruit, or the female form.

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Rene Tosari
Paintings by René Tosari are often recognized for their unique texture, achieved by his combined use of acrylic and oil paints on his canvases. He is also well-known for his socially engaged graphical prints and paintings.
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Rinaldo Klas
Rinaldo Klas is especially well-known for his acrylic paintings in which he brings man and nature together in colorful and harmonious compositions.
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Roddney Tjon Poen Gie
Roddney Tjon Poen Gie is a versatile artist who transforms materials found in nature into unique artworks. His driftwood sculptures are decorated with acrylic paint in colorful abstract patterns.

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Ron Flu
Ron Flu’s works are majestic caricatures, a dramatic, realistic, expressive and ironic social protest for Surinamese situations in bright colored oil paintings.
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Soeki Irodikromo
“We are truly a melting pot of cultures!  We are a country where people accept each other for what they are, better still, we are a country where people share and represent each other’s cultural riches.  We are rich because ....
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Sri Irodikromo
Sri Irodikromo is especially well-known for incorporating various cultural symbols and patterns as well as multiple art techniques including stenciling, embroidery and batik, in her paintings.'
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Sunil Puljhun
Sunil Puljhun uses charcoal, pencils and acrylic paint in primarily black and grey hues. Sand and collage materials are occasionally used to add depth and structure to the surface of his work.
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Wilgo Vijfhoven
Wilgo Vijfhoven’s art is generally recognizable for its predominantly red and yellow color palette and the subtle nude female silhouettes that are usually his main theme.
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