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A solo exhibition of Marcel Pinas

Readytex Art Gallery
Maagdenstraat 44-48
Tel.: 474380 / 421750
Website: www.readytexartgallery.com

Monday – Friday 08.00 - 16.30 hrs
Saturday 08.00 - 13.00 hrs

The bright lively colors just seem to jump off the canvas, or from the wood, depending on what material Marcel Pinas has used as underground for his works of art. It is impossible not to recognize the hand of this Aucan artist in the selection of works he has produced especially for the Sanfika exhibition. It is also crystal-clear that Pinas is evolving, growing; and that a deepening has taken place. His art has matured, without losing the playfulness which is also typical for Pinas’ style. Art is a means to communicate, according to Pinas. ‘I líve in this society, I’m part of it. I try to voice my personal feelings on this issue and I use my art as a vehicle to do so.’ His critical vision on society is most obvious, can even almost be grasped literally, in a series of mixed media works. In this series, aluminum spoons symbolize the nation sinking to an all-time low beneath the red thread of values and standards.

(please read on)


(Marcel Pinas)
Ke means to cry...... 
Afaka buku
(Marcel Pinas)
Afaka buku meaning the Afaka script of the Suriname maroons..... 
Mi jee
(Marcel Pinas)
Mi jee, meaning I heard..... 
The exhibition is spectacular!  For those of you in Suriname at this time, please make an effort to come and experience it!
For our art lovers abroad:  we hope you are able to enjoy the exhibit through our website.  We will be adding on more pieces over the coming week, please visit the events site again.

Team Readytex Art Gallery


Contact us: info@readytexartgallery.com
Visit us: http://www.readytexartgallery.com/

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