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Humphrey Tawjoeram: no restrictions only expression counts


Humphrey Tawjoeram offers very little explanation about his work. He only comments that he expresses his emotions best when he makes abstracts, and that a kind of tension is important in his work. So he does not restrict himself in his creations, he seldom finds the need to work figurative and he has almost no desire to make it look like anything thatís been there before. The results are intriguing works of black crayon/ coal on paper, with many shallow and deep cylindrical forms that reflect feelings. To describe the work: you  may decide whether you see the shallow and deep cylindrical forms as a moon landscape, or something with cut down organic or mechanical forms.  Tawjoeram follows his own visual path undisturbed, experimenting and sometimes working from a subconscious to a conscious level is one of the most important aspects of his work.

Untitled 1181607
(Humphrey Tawjoeram)
Untitled 1181605
(Humphrey Tawjoeram)
Untitled 1181603
(Humphrey Tawjoeram)
For those of you who would like to see more of this artist's works please click on his name:  Humphrey Tawjoeram.

May we call your attention to an interesting art presentation coming friday, april 8th, organised by the Federation of Visual Artists in Suriname and NAKS (organisation for social and cultural community work).  Speakers will be Kitling Tjon Pian Gi and Elfriede Barnsteel.  The presentation will be in "De Lounge boven 'T Vat" and will start at 18:00 hours.

We wish you an inspirational week,
Team Readytex



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