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Rinaldo Klas: colorful warnings to save the Suriname rain forest

Strong faces of animals, people and the colorful rain forest determines the dynamic figurative work of Rinaldo Klas. Thus he tries to raise consciousness for the beauty and fragile ecological system of the Suriname rain forest with its many endangered species. Rinaldo Klas works with a variety of materials: acryl, oil, mixed media, pen-drawings as well as mono-prints. In some paintings the mysterious atmosphere of the rain forest can be experienced quite well. In his newest work solid shapes are placed close to or even flowing into each other. One of his works consisting of a pastel background, as he used to do before, which are more in primary colors, you can see an indigenous face, a leaf and a bright toucan.

But some of the pastel colored acryl paintings are surrounded by depressing colors as well, symbolizing the danger in which the last rainforests of the world are,  just as the Suriname rainforest in the Amazon-basin.

(Rinaldo Klas)
In harmony
(Rinaldo Klas)
Chic Chac
(Rinaldo Klas)
Chic Chac is the name used in Suriname for a gecko ....... 
Dep.: PAPER 
"The foundation of sustainable development is built on one simple idea:  that what you do has consequences not just for your family and friends, but your neighbours, and their neighbours, across state lines and national boundaries and not simply for people, but for animals, plants, mountains, micro organisms, forests, glaciers, the oceans, and the thin blanket of air that surrounds our planet.  These consequences can be good or bad.  It's largely up to us.  But since consequences are hard to forecast, we need to study and explore the way our world works."
Source:  My community, Our Earth

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