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Ilene Themen:  women emerging from the shadows


Ilene Themen has a subtle figurative style in mix media.  She works on paper and combines painting with drawing in ink or pencil and crayons.  After an academic study in art in Suriname Themen began to develop her style by starting with the simplicity of forms found in the very primary art: child-drawings and cave drawings of prehistoric times.  But of course it was never really that simple because Themen is an artist who likes to use almost transparent colors of different material woven into each other in awesome combinations of purple and yellow and many more.   A slightly misty outlook is created and the work gets a little vague only cut by the fine lines of a woman seeming to emerge from the shadows and the fragments of color accents in each of Themenís mix media work.


(Ilene Themen)
Fairy tale 
Dep.: PAPER 
Man met Hond
(Ilene Themen)
Man and dog 
Dep.: PAPER 
(Ilene Themen)
Dep.: PAPER 
"Communication between me and the unknown is in fact the reason why I paint"
Ilene Themen

Ilene Themen, born in paramaribo, lives and works in the Netherlands and has a small collection of her beautiful artwork in our gallery.

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