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Soeki Irodikromo paints with broad passionate brush strokes his now more abstract oil- paintings. On his multilayered oil-paintings he uses the palet-knife and mostly sunny earth colors as well: yellow, red and brown. Soeki is from the second generation of Surinamese who studied in Holland and he came back with admiration for the Cobra group. As part of a family of Hindu Javanese performing artists, Javanese mythology was always a part of his art.
Being it a princess, the wayang puppet figures or the flying horse, now these figures are mostly on the ceramics. These could be beautiful vase like objects or reliefs on framed and painted canvas. A craft he learned and teaches since the 80ties is Indonesian batik. He had a workshop and with his wife doing the whole wax and dye procedure, he designed numerous realistic Surinamese nature scenes. Also many times the 7 different cultures of Suriname were his inspiration as was the coming together of the Carribean groups during Carifesta, group billboards painting , exhibitions and  fairs.

 Please note when looking at the art pieces presented in our newsletters that they are interactive:  you can click on the pictures, on the titles, even on the name of the artists to find out additional information.

het Blauwe Maanlicht
(Soeki Irodikromo)
Untitled 1050118 /56S
(Soeki Irodikromo)
Abstract painting /acrylic on canvas 
(Soeki Irodikromo)
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