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 Johan Pinas: the guru of modern wooden sculptures

Johan Pinas, born in 1931 is characterized as the guru of wooden sculptures by other Surinamese artists. He is indeed one of the first who makes wooden sculptures since 1965; inspired at least five other sculptures, but compelled by necessity had to take a break of nearly ten years. Ten years ago he made an inconspicuous come back as sculptor, luckily enough he did not put his chisels away forever.


When you look at most of the sculptures of Johan Pinas you are subconsciously drawn to touch them, because of the smooth flowing curves in the smooth finished shining and sanded wood.

Pinas mostly makes sculptures of human beings with an anatomy that is never mistaken, realistically styled in a figurative way with rounded off angularness. His present works are between half a meter and one meter high. He now works primarily with a stem of trees or a log of wood and works on his out-coming creation for approximately two weeks. First he models with purified modeling clay, often with underneath it a metal construction.

These miniatures are very nice to see, but they only form the beginning of the real work for Pinas. He mostly saws the rough figure he needs for the sculpture with a chain-saw then he works up to ten hours constantly with a chisel. A frail looking man with a short grey afro, 73 years old, who affirms to be content, and who looks from behind his glasses with bright looking eyes; taken by inspiration, working nearly tirelessly.


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Liggende Denker
(Johan Pinas)
Dep.: WOOD 
Zittende Vrouw
(Johan Pinas)
Dep.: WOOD 
(Johan Pinas)
Dep.: WOOD 
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