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Armand Mase: classic examples and own inspiration

Armand Mase makes mahogany sculptures of human figures, masks and small statues of lovable chubby ladies playing different instruments. From his own inspiration he mostly produces slightly erotic nudes, and warm images of a man and woman embracing in love, or a mother and child. He has been  a sculptor for more than 30 years and also does portraits in wood relief and other assignments. Working with the image he wants to project, he follows the character of that particular piece of wood. The result is never massive. From all three dimensions the wind can blow through the figurative human figures.  Now and then a magnificent eagle turns up in his works, for the eagle is the messenger of God in indigenous religions and one of the sky-gods in the African pantheon. Though classic European masters as Michelangelo and da Vinci are his big examples, his figures are clearly from indigenous and African descendants due to his African heritage. In his free time Mase performs singing, one of his hundred own songs playing the guitar or writes poetry. 

Please note when looking at the art pieces presented in our newsletters that they are interactive:  you can click on the pictures, on the titles, even on the name of the artists to find out additional information

Vrouw met Watermeloen
(Armand Masť)
Woman with watermelon. This lovely sculpture by the artist manages .... 
Dep.: WOOD 
Vrouw met Harp
(Armand Masť)
Woman playing the harp. Armand Mase presents us with a glorious woman... 
Dep.: WOOD 
All that woman
(Armand Masť)
A beautiful and glorious woman, totally content ... 
Dep.: WOOD 
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