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Rolina van Vliet

"My paintings in the Readytex Art Gallery are from the series :” Berichten uit Suriname” (Tidings from Suriname). They are a sense inspired, spontaneous and intuitive representation of the mood and the feel of the country, the nature and the inhabitants as I experience them. Tidings from Suriname are in effect the visual letters that I could write to give others an impression of my stay here". The art is abstract and based upon personal feelings and involvement.
Because of this the work is not individually titled and the viewer is free to his own interpretation and recognition.
The paintings are built up out of many layers of acrylic paint, applied with brush and painters knife. In every painting color, line, shape and texture play a harmonious role within a strongly dynamic and balanced composition. Important herein is the alternate use of active and passive elements, through which each painting, aside from the plentitude of impressions, gives the viewer the opportunity to become restful once again. This alternation between suspense and restfulness in unison with the color intensity and texture, form the attractiveness of the work

Please note when looking at the art pieces presented in our newsletters that they are interactive:  you can click on the pictures, on the titles, even on the name of the artists to find out additional information.

Berichten uit Suriname II
(Rolina Van Vliet)
Tidings from Suriname II 
Berichten uit Suriname I
(Rolina Van Vliet)
Tidings from Suriname I 
Indrukken van Suriname II
(Rolina Van Vliet)
Impressions from Suriname II 
 'A painting is the most personal representation of who you are, what you feel and portray. It gives me great satisfaction when I know, this is unique, this is mine, and this is who I am.'
Rolina van Vliet

Dear Art Enthousiasts:

We welcome 2006 with a  mini exhibit opening saturday january 28th featuring Rolina van Vliet.  Please join us in the small celebration from 10:00  till 13:00 hours.
Also very nice to own is Rolina's book:  "Ga Abstract - een kennismaking met de abstracte schildermethode" which will be for sale during the exhibit.

We wish you a beautiful, creative, and inspiring new year!

Team Readytex Art Gallery



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