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Dear Arts Enthusiast,

Please mark your calendars for our art events of this year:
March 19th, opening night for the feature exhibit of Marcel Pinas.  He will be presenting us with a surprising new collection! 

June 25th, opening night for a very special exhibit to commemorate Soeki Irodikromo's 40 years as a fine visual artist.  He will also celebrate his 60th birthday this year.  At this opening night we will present a beautiful, hardcover book especially emitted to honor his contribution to contemporary fine art in Suriname.

November 12th,  opening night for our 2nd annual open house exhibition featuring all the artists affiliated to the Readytex Art Gallery.

Meanwhile we have an exciting collection in the gallery and on the website every day!  May we present you with Evelyne's selection for today:


Didong Oema
(Wilgo Vijfhoven)
"Didong Oema" meaning resting woman in our local lingua franca. Bright colors in striking contrast with .....  
Happy Together
(George Struikelblok)
This painting imparts happiness indeed upon the observer. Painted at a time in his life where happiness ..... 
Bloemen 11231101
(Ay Xiang)
"Flowers" by Ay Xiang. Meditative ..... 
Dep.: PAPER 
Surround yourself with art, it is food for the soul!

Team Readytex Art Gallery

Contact us: info@readytexartgallery.com
Visit us: http://www.readytexartgallery.com/

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