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Press release: Readytex Art Gallery 15 years

 On February the 8th of 2008 the Readytex Art Gallery will proudly celebrate her 15th anniversary. A proud occasion indeed, because from her start in 1993 as a small gallery intended to supplement the craft department of the Readytex department store, the gallery has since expanded and become a renowned professional art gallery which actively promotes Surinamese art locally as well as internationally. This should by no means however suggest that it has been an easy task. Without the trust and dedication of our talented artists, the valuable patronage from a steady group of art collectors and other clients, and the hard work and perseverance of our Readytex Art Gallery team, we would not have been able to grow into the position of one of Suriname’s leading art galleries today.
Running a professional fine arts gallery in our small Surinamese community definitely has its challenges, and we were very quickly aware that without international exposure and marketing, success would remain elusive. Hence the launch of the Readytex Art Gallery website in 2000 which since then has enabled art lovers from all over the world to view and purchase works of art from our wide assortment of Surinamese art. The website was professionally “overhauled” in 2005 and currently also provides extensive information about all artists connected to the gallery and keeps visitors updated on all events in, or otherwise involving the Readytex Art Gallery.
As a professional gallery we are now constantly on the lookout for new opportunities and venues by which to promote our art, and the past year has been quite productive in that regard. In order to increase the exposure of Surinamese art internationally, work from several artists was sent abroad to participate in exhibitions in the region namely, the “VI Salon de Debujo” a biennale drawing event in Santo Domingo and “Greater Caribbean art of the 21st century” an exhibition organized by the ACS in Trinidad and Tobago.
Another new development has presented itself in the form of negotiations with new potential strategic liaisons abroad who are interested in promoting Surinamese art in their countries. These are opportunities which we will actively pursue this year and by which we hope to gain some much deserved attention for Surinamese art in the region and the rest of the world.
The Readytex Art Gallery currently entertains art lovers with at least three large solo exhibitions every year, several mini features on each time a different artist, and a year round mixed exhibit which alternates the work of the 23 artists now represented by our gallery. In our pursuit of growth and maximum exposure for Surinamese artists and their art, we have expanded our “product line” with several new services in 2007, which we will continue to actively promote this year. Other than straightforward art purchases businesses can now also come to the Readytex Art Gallery for the new services of art lease and commissioned art . With these new services businesses not capable of one time large investments in art, can still fully benefit from tastefully and artistically decorated workspaces and/or reception areas.
This anniversary year of 2008 is a special year for the gallery and will once again contain a busy schedule. This year we have the honor of organizing solo exhibitions for 3 talented Surinamese artists, who have never before had a private show, and who each have their own outspoken style and unique method of artistic expression. Without a doubt, a one of a kind series of exhibitions none of which should be missed by art lovers or other interested parties. The first exhibition for this year will be on the artwork of Kurt Nahar in March, followed in June by Sri Irodikromo and in October by Roddney Tjon Poen Gie.
As gallery we are proud that after 15 years of hard work, we currently play an important role in the development and promotion of Surinamese art locally as well internationally. We are thankful to all enthusiastic supporters of the Readytex Art gallery and of Surinamese art in general, and invite everyone to celebrate our anniversary with us by visiting all our exceptional exhibitions this year. For those not able to attend, please stay updated by visiting our website at www.readytexartgallery.com.

Team Readytex Art Gallery


Contact us: info@readytexartgallery.com
Visit us: http://www.readytexartgallery.com/

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