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Marcel Pinas: Maroon roots and culture oil paintings 

Marcel Pinas’ last works reflect the ideograms of the painted woodcarving of the Aucaners (Maroon) tribe, of which he is a member. After completing his study at the Edna Manly Academy of Jamaica, he definitely chose to work Fu kibri a culturu (= to protect the culture) by using elements in his acryl-paintings. At first he made compositions with the Afaka-symbols, the Aucan alphabet invented in the last century by a tribe member named Afaka, in combination with mini artefacts from his tribe and pieces of ethnic clothing the pangi. The pangi are the typical clothes that cover the loin with check-motive in reflector color-combinations. These developed into two by two meters wall hangings from canvas, only framed on top and bottom upon which he painted the unique African based forms of painted woodcarving of intricate geometrical, intertwining patterns, never ending knots that all have an age old meaning. Cultural aspects as Maroon girls dancing the Awasa dance, oil on canvas and installations with actual pieces of woodcarving on doors, boat ends and paddles complete his newest work.

We feature Marcel Pinas in an exhibition entitled "Samfika"  from march 19 thru april 2, 2005.

Afaka I
(Marcel Pinas)
Dep.: PAPER 
Kibri a Kulturu II
(Marcel Pinas)
"Kibri a Kulturu" - "Preserve our Culture", a personal mission ..... 
Dansers 2
(Marcel Pinas)
"Imagination is the only creator, its nearest and clearest manifestation is Art;
Yes Art is Life; Life is Art; all else is trite and empty in comparison"
Gibran Kahlil Gibran.

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