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Vredig, vrij en vriendelijk (23 Nov 2010 - 27 Nov 2010)
In the month November the district of Coronie receives special attention at two different locations in Paramaribo. On November 19th, the book Dromers, doemdenkers en doorzetters; verhalen van mensen en gebouwen in Coronie (Dreamers, doom-mongers and go-getters, stories about the people and buildings of Coronie) by Fineke van der Veen, Dick ter Steege and Chandra van Binnendijk is presented in Fort Zeelandia. Simultaneously and in the same location, the exhibition De verleiding van Coronie (The temptation of Coronie), is opened and will be on display until December 6th. Fineke van der Veen, one of the authors of the book, who is also an artist, was convinced that an exhibition of visual art about Coronie would be a wonderful complement to the activities in Fort Zeelandia. In collaboration with Readytex Art Gallery and a large group from the gallery’s partner artists, the idea for the exhibition Vredig, Vrij en Vriendelijk (Peaceful, Free and Friendly) was born....

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We hope to welcome you to this special exhibition!

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