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We all know Marcel Pinas from his colorful maroon inspired paintings and his three-dimensional art installations in which he uses traditional elements to create striking and contemporary works of art. And practically anybody who is even slightly familiar with his work in the district of Marowijne, knows also that Marcel Pinas is indeed much more than an artist. And now the public is presented with yet another side of this innovative artist! On Saturday the 28th of January Marcel Pinas launched his own line of jewelry: Boipili.
Boipili is a striking collection of graceful silver jewelry that is inspired by the Ndyuka-culture. Signs from the Afaka-script which was used as a secret means of communication at the beginning of the 20th century amongst the maroons in the Tapanahony region, as well as the flowing woodcarving patterns which are carried on from generation to generation by maroon artisans,  form the common thread in the  Boipili-jewelry line. The idea to produce jewelry was born years ago, at about the same time that Pinas started working with the woodcarving patterns and Afaka symbols. These beautiful signs and symbols originating from the culture of his ancestors, spoke instantly to the imagination and the creative urges of the artist. In the following years as Pinas’ travels brought him to the markets of Mali and the silver district of Indonesia, he became further inspired when he witnessed all the beautiful products crafted by the local artisans. It was an artisan in Mali who crafted the first set of silver jewelry from a design by Pinas, and Indonesia offered countless possibilities to further produce his designs if he so desired. But that would be contrary to all that Marcel Pinas aims to achieve with his efforts. Education, employment opportunities, cultural awareness and the development of traditional communities in the interior of Suriname: these are the things Marcel Pinas strives for. The first steps towards realizing the dream of a Boipili-jewelry line were taken, but the project was to further take shape in Suriname.
Each piece of Boipili jewelry, designed by Pinas, is currently created in the jewelry shop of Sunil Oemrawsingh. After a long search, Pinas finally found the perfect partner in this skilled jeweler. For the artist can count on Oemrawsingh not only for the production, but also for the implementation of the greater plan that he has for this new endeavor. Because just as with all other projects of Pinas, the   Boipili- line of jewelry is meant to contribute to the social as well as the financial development of the interior.  Interested individuals from the community of Moengo will be trained in jewelry-making skills by this jeweler from Paramaribo.  People from Brokopondo and Sipaliwini will subsequently also be involved in the project.  In the future the Boipili line of jewelry will be co-designed, developed and created by well trained crafters from traditional communities in the interior of Suriname. Boipili is now, and will be even more so then, the brand name for beautiful and unique jewelry inspired by the cultural wealth of Suriname. An exclusive collection of fine jewelry – valuable on more fronts than one – that speaks to self-confident individuals from anywhere in the world, who consciously choose the finer things in life. 
The launch of Boipili, the exclusive line of jewelry by Marcel Pinas, took place on Saturday the 28th of January in the Readytex Art Gallery. The jewelry exhibition is subsequently on display for the general public from Monday the 30th of January until February 11th. 
Boipili jewelry is available at Readytex Art Gallery at the Maagdenstraat 44 upstairs.
The collection can also be viewed online starting from February 1st at  www.readytexartgallery.com/boipili-jewelry
For more information and photographs please contact Readytex Art Gallery by telephone on 421750 or by e-mail at info@readytexartgallery.com .


Contact us: info@readytexartgallery.com
Visit us: http://www.readytexartgallery.com/

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