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Reinier Asmoredjo:  Faith in the eternal power of women

Reinier Asmoredjo paints in bright sunny colors and  a stylistic semi- figurative way  his fascination and faith with the daily struggle of life of marginalised women in oil on canvas. Many women are black, from the interior Maroon tribes  to be recognised by their traditional wear of checkers cotton pangis, at knee length, tied from the hips and the intricate braided hair. Asmoredjo says the so called black skin color is the most interesting to paint, because he experienced that this skin-color can only  be reached by layer after layer of applying all colors of the rainbow in a specific order.  Many times the sun, a  peacock, fruit and flowers are returning symbols of faith, fertility, procreation and beauty in his paintings. He stands out by clever compositions and flowing round contours in bright, sometimes primary colors.

Pangi Oema
(Reinier Asmoredjo)
Pangi Oema: woman dressed in a checkered wrap ...... 
(Reinier Asmoredjo)
Dep.: PAPER 
Markoesa Oema, 2003 (code: 0112)
(Reinier Asmoredjo)
Markoesa Oema: lady selling passion fruit ...... 
"Art is one step from the visibly known toward the unknown."
Gibran Kahlil Gibran

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