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Readytex Art Gallery

Marcel Pinas is ‘Artist in Residence’ at VUB (Vrije Universiteit Brussel) in Belgium

From February 15– March 29 2012




Just like every other year, the 2012 schedule of Surinamese artist Marcel Pinas is once again filled with many exhibitions and activities in Suriname and abroad. Shortly after the successful ‘soft-launch’ of his Boipili jewelry line in the Readytex Art Gallery in Paramaribo on January the 28th, Marcel Pinas traveled to Belgium for his first international activity of this year.  From the 15th of February  until the 29th of March  Marcel Pinas will be artist in residence at ‘KultuurKaffee’ of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB).

Marcel Pinas is known in Suriname and in many other countries around the world, for his culturally inspired artworks based upon his Ndyuka roots, with which he raises awareness especially for the valuable cultural heritage, the disadvantaged social circumstances and the threatened habitat of the Maroons in Suriname. Pinas is also internationally recognized for his activities in the district of Marowijne, where he uses art and culture to create development opportunities for the youth of Marowijne.  The unique opportunity to also share his art and his broader vision with the public in Belgium was therefore eagerly accepted by Marcel Pinas.

During his six week residency at the VUB Pinas will work on a series of artworks which he will then present to the public in a ‘vernissage’ at the end of his residency, on the 29th of March.  Since the format of the residency is that of an ‘open atelier’ everyone is free to visit Pinas’ studio (KK Gallery) and visitors are encouraged to discuss the work with the artist. There are also several other activities included in the program of the residency. During presentations and discussions held by Marcel Pinas together with other speakers, the artist will talk in more depth about his artistry, his vision and other thereto related global issues. The program is as follows:

• Wednesday March 14– Lecture Marcel Pinas within the framework of ‘sensibiliseringsweek’ (awareness week) ‘Working creatively with children involved in the armed conflict in Colombia’ (org. Centre for Children in Vulnerable Situations).
• Tuesday March 20– Campus talks Culture & Development. 7 speakers – scientists, artists, policymakers, … - will contribute based upon their individual fields of expertise.
• Wednesday March 21– The power of art: socially engaged art from Congo and Suriname. Speech and debate evening with Marcel Pinas (SU, artist) – Alex Van Stipriaan (NL, Tropenmuseum) – Sammy Baloji (BE/Congo, artist) – Mirko Popovich (BE, Africalia) – Gie Goris (Mo Magazine) (in cooperation with UCOS)
• Thursday March 29– Artist talks: Marcel Pinas (SU) and Koen Vanmechelen (BE). Before the official opening of his exhibition at the KK Gallery’ Marcel Pinas talks to his Belgian colleague Koen Vanmechelen. Central themes in the work of Vanmechelen are ‘identity’ and ‘diversity’. The common thread in the oeuvre of Marcel Pinas is shaped by the theme ‘kibri a kulturu’ or ‘preserve our culture’.
• Thursday March 29 /19:30 hrs/KK Gallery - Vernissage exhibition MARCEL PINAS: For six weeks Marcel Pinas has been working on his exhibition. The results are presented to the public in the company of Bruno De Lille, Brussels State secretary representing Youth and Culture. Surinamese culinary specialties will be served to the visitors.
• Thursday March 29 / 21:00 hrs/KultuurKaffee: ‘KK WORLD’ with LOBI FIRI (NL/SU) and KARA DARA (NL/SU) Presentation: Jetty Mathurin (NL/SU)

For more information, photographs or a more detailed version of Marcel Pinas’ residency program at VUB, please contact Readytex Art Gallery by phone on +(597)  421750 or via e-mail to info@readytexartgallery.com .


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Visit us: http://www.readytexartgallery.com/

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