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Sranan Art Xposed

Dear art lovers,

With great pleasure we present to you a web magazine about Surinamese art: Sranan Art Xposed.

This magazine is distributed free of charge to all e-mail contacts of Readytex Art Gallery, Tabiki Productions, to all the contacts of the writers and to everyone else who has registered for receipt at the e-mail address srananart@gmail.com. (If you receive multiple copies please notify us via e-mail)

As great admirer and promoter of Surinamese art, Readytex Art Gallery is extremely pleased with this wonderful initiative and has therefore fully and eagerly supported the project right from its early conception up until now.

The magazine publishes articles about everything that goes on now and in the near future, in Suriname and abroad, with regards to Surinamese art and artists. Reports on past exhibitions, interesting features and facts, a schedule of art events for the following months and all of this complete with beautiful photographs, are all included in Sranan Art Xposed.

SAX will be happy to receive your reactions, ideas, photographs and information for the art agenda, at the Sranan Art Xposed e-mail address: srananart@gmail.com


Team Readytex Art Gallery

Also check out the Sranan Art flickr account:

and the Sranan Art blog:

Sax eleventh edition January 2016 (English)

Sax elfde editie Januari 2016 (Nederlands)

Sax tenth edition January 2015 (English)

Sax tiende editie Januari 2015 (Nederlands)

Sax ninth edition May 2014 (English)

Sax negende editie Mei 2014 (Nederlands)

Sax eighth edition september 2013 (English)

Sax achtste editie september 2013 (Nederlands)

Sax seventh edition february 2013 (English)

Sax zevende editie februari 2013 (Nederlands)

Sax sixth edition july 2012 (English)

Sax zesde editie juli 2012 (Nederlands)

Sax fifth edition September 2011 (English)

Sax vijfde editie September 2011 (Nederlands)

Sax fourth edition April 2011 (English)

Sax vierde editie April 2011 (Nederlands)

Sax third edition October 2010 (English)

Sax derde editie Oktober 2010 (Nederlands)

SAX second edition march 2010 (English)

SAX tweede editie maart 2010 (Nederlands)

SAX first edition september 2009 (English)

SAX eerste editie september 2009 (Nederlands)





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