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This painting by Rinaldo Klas looks like a beautiful depiction of the hydroelectric lake in the Brokopondo district. An image as seen from the living trees on the shore, looking out onto the dead trees protruding upwards from the surface of the lake like bare sticks. A calm and peaceful image that does however, harbor within its depths a turbulent chapter of Surinamese history.... Because, metaphorically the image also represents the inhabitants of that region in the interior, who gaze out from the shore to the place where the villages of their ancestors lie buried under water. But more than that, from an Alakondre point of view it is also the place from which Rinaldo, and every other Surinamese citizen, looks at a period in history that no longer belongs only to him or to the maroons, but to all of us..... A part of our shared heritage that impacts every one of us and has helped shape us all.

About the artist...

Voorvader Story, 2020 (code: 7359)
(Rinaldo Klas)

January 2021
Manifesto group exhibition Alakondre, Wi Tru Fesi
146 w, 94 h cm

Acrylic paint on canvas

8.5kg (cat: 8 - 9 kg)
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