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Mijn Alakondre zelfportret

In the artwork on the wall, Kit-Ling portrays her family history. With historical photographs surrounding a current, neutral image of herself, she brings her family tree to life for the viewer. 

The circular artwork on the floor, in which she incorporates ‘Alakondre’ photos of herself, represents the game of chance with a marmot at the fair she used to visit in her youth. “You had to put a quarter or a dime on the slot with the prize of your choice (for me usually a toy) and if the marmot went into your slot, you would win the prize. The marmot never went into a slot that someone put a coin in. It always preferred to go into the slot with a hard toothbrush. A notable detail is that I started searching for a toy marmot for my artwork. Then it occurred to me that we once got a promotional gift: a beaver. A beaver is a protected animal. The plush animal even has a WWF-label. When I told my son about the game at the fair, he said: ‘That would not be possible anymore now. The animal protection agencies would jump right on it’.”

Symbolically, inspired by the game, the beaver in Kit-Ling’s artwork never goes into a spot with a colored picture.

The cube that hangs suspended above the circular piece, represents a dice. The cube has only colored pictures. Again, with photos of Kit-Ling as a real Alakondre Surinamese.

About the artist...

Mijn Alakondre Zelfportret, 2021 (code: 9802)
(Kit-Ling Tjon Pian Gi)

January 2021
Manifesto group exhibition Alakondre, Wi Tru Fesi
w, h, d cm

Mixed Media

75.5kg (cat: 75 - 80 kg)
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